Understanding Similarities Between Religion And Spiritualism

A popular writer once stated that religion and spiritualism are two sides of the same coin. This assertion is based on the fact that most religions have an aspect of spiritualism embedded in them. Again, spiritualism also contains elements of some of the rituals and rites one finds in many popular religions. For instance, many religions recognize the fact that there is a Supreme Being. This is clearly indicated in the great monotheistic religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In the same vein, spiritualists also recognize the power of a Supreme Being. Now, the spiritualists probably have different names for this Being but they acknowledge the existence of a higher power. Based on the foregoing, you do not need clairvoyants to tell you that religion and spiritualism have many things in common. Below are some of the obvious similarities between religion and spiritualism. 

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Rules and Regulations

No organization can operate without rules and regulations and this applies to churches, mosques, temples and spiritual organizations. It does not matter if the religion in question promotes monotheism, polytheism or pantheism. The fact is there are always rules and these rules have to be obeyed. 

Authority Figures and Hierarchy

It is not possible to have a religious or spiritual order without a form of leadership or hierarchy to guide the faithful. This is common to both religion and spiritualism. In churches you have elders, pastors, ministers and lay readers. In Islam, you have the Imam, the Ladan, the Muezzin and other officials. In Judaism, you have the Rabbi, the teachers and other people who serve as mentors to the younger people in the organization. By the same token, you have Masters, teachers, guides and other leaders who use their knowledge to lead the members to the path of light. 

What We Can Learn from Spiritualism

There is no reason for adherents of religion and spiritualism to engage in any form of rivalry. Both camps can learn a lot from each other. Even practitioners of the world's most influential religions can learn many things from spiritualism. For instance, spiritualism teaches tolerance and peaceful co-existence. Again, spiritualism provides humanity with an anchor. Things happen in the course of our lives that we just cannot explain. Faced with these situations, we can only take solace in the fact that there must be a divine purpose in the current tribulations we are experiencing. 

Final Word

Clearly, religion and spiritualism can do us a lot of good. We need to embrace both and get the most out of both religion and spiritualism.